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Theory for Binaural beats

In this website you can find healing and enhancing sounds created with binaural beats technologies. Binaural beats technology means that you can heal and enhance your mind and body by just listening to these special sounds. The sounds comes in the form of MP3 audios that you can try online if you feel the desired effects first before purchase. In fact, there are free trial binaural beats MP3 audios that you can listen, download, and share.

Note that you should never replace your doctor and medical treatments with these binaural beats audios. However, the value of these audios is that you can complement some medical treatments jsut by listening the sessions. Please read the warning section below before listening to the audios. Additionally, with binaural beats audios, you can treat simple health problems, reducing in this way, the need to ingest unnecessary pills. Moreover, you can enhance certain mental skills with the appropriate binaural beats sessions.

If you are confused with the terms, you should know that brainwave entrainment is the physiological effect of special sounds in the body and this effect can be implemented with binaural beats or isocrhonic tones. Binaural beats refers to the suggestion of using of headphones when listening to the sessions and Isocrhonic tones refers to the suggestion of using of speakers when listening to the sessions. However, you can experiment by yourself by interchanging devices.

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* 7 minutes is the minimal time to be entrained

* 30 minutes is the optimal time to get the benefits